4.9 Years 1970-1979

Number of slide rules: 29.

In the middle of this decade electronic calculators began to become affordable to the general public, and the production of slide rules quickly declined. Dietzgen ended their slide rule production in 1972, and Post stopped obtaining slide rules from Hemmi in 1975. Unique, in England, ceases slide rule production in 1975. In July of 1976 the last slide rule manufactured by K&E was immediately donated to the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C. Pickett ended its slide rule production one month later. In Germany, all production of slide rules by Faber-Castell ended by 1977, while Aristo and Nestler each ended their slide rule production by 1978.

Some notable technical developments: manned moon exploration, DRAM chip, floppy disk, ethernet, bar code, Magnovox Odyssey game and Pong; personal computers; pocket calculators (Oops!).

Year Maker Model
1970 Aristo 958
c.1970 Boots Ringplan Precision Log Log
c.1970 C-Thru PS-79
c.1970 Concise 28
1970 Faber-Castell 2/83N
c.1970 Fearns Calculators A13
c.1970 K&E 68-1892
c.1970 Pickett 80
c.1970 Sterling 587
1970 USSR Military Slide Rule RL
c.1970 noID noID
1970-1972 Dietzgen 1771
1970-1980 Blundell Rules Limited 506 Academy Duplex
1971 Hemmi 258
1971 Hemmi Pocket Versalog II
1971 Reiss 3223 Progress
1972 Aristo 867U
1972 Dietzgen 1776
1972 Faber-Castell 52/82
1972 Faber-Castell 62/83
1972 Hemmi 258
1972 Relay-Ricoh 150
1972 Sterling 587
1972 Sterling 694
1972 Sterling 694
c.1973 C-Thru S-96
1973 Pickett N902-ES
c.1974 Relay-Ricoh 151
c.1975 Pickett X-3