5.1 Aristo, Dennert & Pape, Germany

The company Dennert & Pape, Workshop for Mathematical Instruments, was founded in 1862 and began making slide rules in 1872, as the company name changed to Dennert & Pape, Mechanical-Mathematical Institute. On Feb. 16, 1886 the German patent DRP 34583 was granted to Dennert & Pape for the manufacturing of wooden silde rules with celluloid veneers. Within the next several years, this method was adopted by all major slide rule manufacturers of the day. In 1936 the “Aristo” trademark was introduced for slide rules, scales, and other Dennert & Pape drafting instruments made from the new plastics of that era. By 1956 the company changed its name to Dennert & Pape Aristo-Werke. Their slide rule production ended in 1978, after 106 years.

Total number of Aristo slide rules in the collection: 10. \(~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\)

Model Year Serial Typ Mat L0 Case Note
No. 9 1913 13 L wd 10 yes very nice condition; Altona System Rietz; D.R.P. No. 126499 in well, with date stamp 13
1950 L pl 10 no Hyperbolog vector slide rule; 6-hairline cursor; date stamp not found
966H 1951 512 L pl 10 yes made in 1951 Lot 2 Hamburg; Dennert and Pape; Hamburg; slide in very good shape; case intact and worn
967U 1954 542 L pl 10 yes Standard 10-in Darmstadt scales; date stamp 542; 4-hairline cursor; gift from Herman Glasser to P. E. Bauer March 12 1954 while PEB was Gen. Manager at Allis Chalmers Mfg. Co. Norwood Works in Ohio
970 1954 541 L pl 10 box made in 1954 Lot 1 Hamburg; Aristo-Multilog; slide in very good shape; felt-lined box with Aristo lable inside and out; 4-hairline HP cursor
1067U 1961 614 L pl 20 yes Aristo-Darmstadt in well; nice box; date code 614; wide, 4-hairline cursor
968 1963 63 18 L pl 10 yes+box Aristo-Studio, case, rulers, outer box; 6-hairline cursor; green skid pads; several extended scales; nice condition
969 1966 2FF12 L pl 10 yes+box StudioLog; excellent condition; with Aristo 1364 / Aristo-NZ Masstab
958 1970 2LA2 L pl 10 yes+box Geodat 400g stadia rule; instructions (German), clip-on supports; 5-hairline cursor; box and 1364 insert
867U 1972 2LI03 L pl 5 yes Smaller 5-in version of 967 and 1067; Darmstadt scales; lot 3, Hamburg; promo Dr. C. Otto