8 Vignettes

Stories on the use of certain slide rules and scales, on certain sub-groupings of the Collection’s contents, and on the adventures of collecting are presented below. It is my hope that the stories help introduce people to the fun of collecting and of learning about how to interpret what is found, and so are organized accordingly. If you haven’t visited the site for a while, here are the most recently written or updated entries:

Latest Vignettes:

America’s Earliest Part II,   How Do You Byoutou?,   American Favorite Part II,   Gauging Electro Rules,   Scale Wars,   Kolesch Rules.

Slide Rule Vignettes
1 A Favorite Rule 2 Rules to the Moon 3 The Original 4083
4 K+E Beginner’s Rules 5 Chicago Rules 6 A Boykin Discovery
7 The Long and Short of It 8 Rules of Engravement 9 Out of Proportions
10 Power Rules 11 Fermi’s Golden (Slide) Rule 12 Rule Change 4092-3
13 A K+E Rule of Mystery 14 Lt. Shaw’s 4097D 15 K+E Mystery Rules Update
16 The Early American Favorite 17 American Favorite Part II 18 Thacher’s Calculating Instrument
19 America’s Earliest Slide Rule 20 Carpenters vs. Engineers 21 America’s Earliest Part II
22 Kolesch Rules 23 Scale Wars 24 Dietzgen Rosenthal Nestler Prototype
25 Gauging Electro Rules 26 An Early Home-Made Spring Calculation Slide Rule 27 Spring Calcs Eternal
28 Helical Slide Rules 29 Stadia Rules 30 Following the Balloons
31 Gauging and Excise Tax Slide Rules 32 Slide Rules for the Sikes Hydrometer 33 Getting to the Root
34 Vector/Hyperbolic Calculations 35 Hemmi 153 Scales 36 British Thornton Special Scales
37 How Do You Byoutou?
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