D Some Collection Statistics

Total number of slide rules: 321.

Range of rule ages: 48 to 214 years. Average rule age: 82.1 years.

Number of rules at least 75 years old: 168. Number of rules at least 100 years old: 71.

Number of rules at least 125 years old: 15. Number of rules at least 150 years old: 9.

Countries of the Slide Rule Makers

Country No. Rules Makers
CHN 2 Ruyi, UIF Shanghai
DEN 2 Rietz
EGER 1 Reiss
GER 40 Aristo, Dennert & Pape, Dietzgen, Faber, Faber-Castell, HH, KHH, Kolesch, Nestler, Staedtler
JPN 45 Alco, Concise, Hemmi, Relay-Ricoh, noID
UK 24 Blundell Rules Limited, Davies, Dring and Fage, E.S.A. London, Fearns Calculators, Fowler, Gill, Jacob and Halse, Otis King, Stanley London, Thornton, Unique, noID
USA 202 Acu-Rule, American Blueprint, Baetzmann, Boykin, C-Thru, Charvoz-Roos, Dietzgen, Engineering Instruments, Felsenthal, Festus, Gilson, Goodyear, Graphic Calculator, J.B. Carroll, K&E, Kahl Scientific, Lawrence, Novotni, P.A.S. Co., Palmer, Pickett, Richardson, Sandish, Sillcocks-Miller, Stanley, Sterling, noID
USSR 3 Factory10, MATSKU, USSR Military

Primary Construction Materials

Material No. Rules Makers
Al 38 Gilson, Pickett, Reiss, Richardson
bb 38 Hemmi, Relay-Ricoh
iv 1 Jacob and Halse
Mg 8 Acu-Rule, Pickett
pl 70 Acu-Rule, Aristo, Blundell Rules Limited, Boykin, C-Thru, Concise, Dietzgen, Faber-Castell, Fearns Calculators, Felsenthal, Graphic Calculator, J.B. Carroll, K&E, Kahl Scientific, MARC, Novotni, Pickett, Rietz, Ruyi, Sillcocks-Miller, Staedtler, Sterling, Thornton, USSR Military, noID
pp 3 Goodyear, Palmer
ss 10 Alco, Fowler, MATSKU, Otis King, P.A.S. Co., Richardson
wd 153 Acu-Rule, American Blueprint, Baetzmann, Charvoz-Roos, Davies, Dennert & Pape, Dietzgen, Dring and Fage, E.S.A. London, Engineering Instruments, Faber, Faber-Castell, Factory10, Festus, Gill, HH, Hemmi, K&E, KHH, Kolesch, Lawrence, Nestler, Pickett, Richardson, Sandish, Stanley, Stanley London, Thornton, UIF Shanghai, Unique, noID
  • Key: wd (wood), bb (bamboo), pl (plastic), ss (stainless/steel alloy), Al (Aluminum), Mg (Magnesium), iv (ivory), pp (paper)