F.319 Data Sheet MJS-p-0338

Scofield, Engineer’s Slide Rule, 1901

Serial Number or Date Stamp:

Country: USA Primary construction material: wd Case included?: no

General Description: Early linear Engineer’s slide rule

Length of 1 decade = 22 in, and overall scale length = 22 in. The largest physical dimension is 24 in.

Front Scales: D [ C CF ] DF

Back Scales: A’/C’ [ B B ] A’I/C’’

Notes: rare; early edition of slide rule patented by Thacher, 1/2-assigned to Edson Mason Scofield (1867-1939); paper scales on wood, varnished; 1901 patent, no 1902 patent; sold by Dietzgen from about 1901-1931, perhaps also by Scofield

References: JOS 3.1 p20 (1994), JOS 5.2 p42 (1996), https://www.si.edu/object/scofield-thacher-engineers-slide-rule:nmah_1215020

Date Acquired: 03/25/2024