F.218 Data Sheet MJS-p-0155

KHH, Pocket Rule, 1919

Serial Number or Date Stamp:

Country: GER Primary construction material: wd Case included?: yes

General Description: Basic linear polyphase slide rule

Length of 1 decade = 5 in, and overall scale length = 5 in. The largest physical dimension is 5 in.

Front Scales: cm /| K A [ B C ] D L || in

Back Scales: [ S L T ]

Notes: 5-in pocket rule; on back: C.E. Brignell, Coblence, Germany, Sept. 1919; Albert Martz company mark in well; special thanks to Andreas Fassbender for helping to identify this long-standing noID rule

References: JOS Vol 18 no 1 p56 (2009)

Date Acquired: 09/19/2020