F.68 Data Sheet MJS-p-0088

Faber, 365, 1898-1900

Serial Number or Date Stamp:

Country: GER Primary construction material: wd Case included?: box

General Description: Basic linear Mannheim slide rule

Length of 1 decade = 10 in, and overall scale length = 10 in. The largest physical dimension is 10 in.

Front Scales: in /| A [ B C ] D || cm < cm >

Back Scales: [ S L T ]

Notes: box, rule both in pristene condition; almost like new; rule: 1898-1900, but box says 1900; D.R.G.M. 98350; indentation rhs only; wooden measuring scales

References: http://sliderulemuseum.com/REF/AWFaber_DateOfManufacture.jpg; http://www.oughtred.org/jos/Catlow_%20Dating_Pre-1920_Faber-Castell_SlideRules.pdf

Date Acquired: 08/01/2016