F.287 Data Sheet MJS-p-0219

Pickett, N1040-ES, 1954

Serial Number or Date Stamp:

Country: USA Primary construction material: Al Case included?: yes

General Description: Specialty linear slide rule

Length of 1 decade = 10 in, and overall scale length = 10 in. The largest physical dimension is 10 in.

Front Scales: StmVlvSize1 StmVlvSize2 dP D [ C SpGr Viscosity Q] Cv LiqVlvSize1 LiqVlvSize2

Back Scales: PI PC [ dP SpGr GasTemp SuperHeat Q ] CG CS GasVlvSize1 GasVlvSize2

Notes: Fisher Control Valve Sizing Rule; made for Fisher Governor Co, Marshalltown, Iowa

References: https://osgalleries.org/makers/srmm.html, http://sliderule.ozmanor.com/man/man-download.html

Date Acquired: 09/17/2021