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Vignettes – 30 short articles and stories about slide rules, calculations, and collecting
Vignette Title Last Update
Following the Balloons 2023 Aug 11
Chicago Rules 2023 Aug 05
K+E Mystery Rules Update 2023 Jul 10
Carpenters vs. Engineers 2023 Jun 27
Dietzgen Rosenthal Nestler Prototype 2023 May 29
Slide Rules for the Sikes Hydrometer 2023 Apr 22
Gauging and Excise Tax Slide Rules 2023 Apr 08
America’s Earliest Slide Rule 2023 Mar 10
Spring Calcs Eternal 2022 Dec 23
Out of Proportions 2022 Dec 10
Vector/Hyperbolic Calculations 2022 Jun 20
Stadia Rules 2022 Jan 05
Helical Slide Rules 2021 Dec 12
The Early American Favorite 2021 Dec 05
Power Rules 2021 Oct 25
Lt. Shaw’s 4097D 2021 Oct 03
Rule Change 4092-3 2021 Oct 02
K+E Beginner’s Rules 2021 Aug 10
An Early Home-Made Spring Calculation Slide Rule 2021 Jul 01
A K+E Rule of Mystery 2021 Jun 20
British Thornton Special Scales 2021 May 15
Getting to the Root 2021 May 01
The Long and Short of It 2021 Mar 01
Hemmi 153 Scales 2021 Feb 08
A Boykin Discovery 2021 Feb 06
Fermi’s Golden (Slide) Rule 2021 Feb 05
Rules of Engravement 2021 Feb 04
The Original 4083 2021 Feb 03
Rules to the Moon 2021 Feb 02
A Favorite Rule 2021 Feb 01

New to slide rules? – What is a slide rule? What is a logarithm? How do you use a slide rule? What do all the scales mean? – Let’s get started ! Returning to the site? New Rules!
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Rule Makers – The collection, organized by manufacturers
A Searchable Table of the entire collection A Data Sheet for each rule

Review Material:

A Review of the Logarithm Slide Rule Basics Slide Rule Scales References

Welcome! This DataFrame-driven web site presents a personal collection of slide rules as well as other useful information about slide rules, their operation and use. Click the arrows (> and <) on each page or use your keyboard’s arrow keys to move between pages. Use the left navigation pane to go directly to a particular chapter or subject.
-Mike Syphers

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