5.4 Concise, Japan

Concise slide rules are manufactured by K.K. Konsaisu of Tokyo, Japan. They are the only manufacturer still producing and marketing new slide rules that have the classic scales. The Concise rules in particular are circular slide rules with various models both for generic numerical calculations, and for specialized calculations performed in various industries and professions. Promotional slide rules with company names are very common. Concise is the only major manufacturer that has continued to produce and sell popular versions of their circular slide rules to this day.

Concise 28 Concise 600ST, promotional rule for Norton

Concise 380 Radio Computer
Concise 380 Radio Computer

Total number of Concise slide rules in the collection: 4. \(~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\)

Model Year Type Mat L0 Case Note
1955 C pl 12 yes very early model?; red lettering; brown case
1959-1966 C pl 2 no Radio Computer, with instruction sheet; Concise Co., Ltd. 
600ST 1969 C pl 8 yes Designed by Sama & Etani; Norton promotion; Periodic Table and Temp Conversion on back; insert with conversions for Flow, Pressure, Energy, Power, Volume, Velocity, etc.; instruction pamphlet
1970 C pl 8 yes good condition; Super Takeda embossed on the black case