F.312 Data Sheet MJS-p-0293

Richardson, GE Analizer, c.1951

Serial Number or Date Stamp:

Country: USA Primary construction material: wd Case included?: no

General Description: Specialty linear slide rule

Length of 1 decade = 4 in, and overall scale length = 16 in. The largest physical dimension is 18 in.

Front Scales: LengthInch [ PieceNum ] LengthFeet

Back Scales:

Notes: General Electric Company Quantity Analizer; similar construction to Richardson/J.H.Weil Slide Rule of 1917, apparently re-purposed; slots apparently for cursor on edges; GE logo from c.1951

References: compare with https://sliderulemuseum.com/Richardson.htm; https://www.ge.com/news/reports/the-initials-of-a-friend-a-history-of-ges-iconic-monogram-logo

Date Acquired: 02/21/2023