F.30 Data Sheet MJS-p-0069

Charvoz-Roos, PSR-105, 1944-45

Serial Number or Date Stamp:

Country: USA Primary construction material: wd Case included?: yes

General Description: Basic linear polyphase slide rule

Length of 1 decade = 5 in, and overall scale length = 5 in. The largest physical dimension is 5 in.

Front Scales: A [ B CI C ] D K

Back Scales: [ S L T ]

Notes: Post 1444-D; pocket Commerce rule; nice condition; made during WW-II; clear celluloid cursor; red leather case; table of fraction conversions on inside of stock; clean table of Equivalents on back

References: http://www.oughtred.org/jos/articles/V09.2_p37-46.pdf

Date Acquired: 05/04/2020