F.104 Data Sheet MJS-p-0093

Hemmi, 153, c.1938

Serial Number or Date Stamp:

Country: JPN Primary construction material: bb Case included?: yes

General Description: Advanced linear log-log vector/hyperbolic duplex slide rule

Length of 1 decade = 10 in, and overall scale length = 10 in. The largest physical dimension is 10 in.

Front Scales: L K A [ B CI C ] D T Gtheta

Back Scales: theta Rtheta P [ Q Q’ C ] LL3 LL2 LL1

Notes: Electrical Engineers Universal Duplex; vector rule; sans serif type; owner – Aurthur Stegelman worked for Halliburton; from his granddaughter; U.Oklahoma on case

References: JOS vol.12 no.1 p.50 (2003)

Date Acquired: 08/01/2020