F.328 Data Sheet MJS-p-0304

USSR Military, Slide Rule RL, 1970

Serial Number or Date Stamp: D10342

Country: USSR Primary construction material: pl Case included?: yes

General Description: Specialty circular military slide rule

Length of 1 decade = 2 in, and overall scale length = 14 in. The largest physical dimension is 7 in.

Front Scales: (TrailClouds) Dose/Level [ Length/Width/Distance ] Power (BlastArea)

Back Scales: Losses [ Power TimeAfterBlast ] [ Coefficient TimeAfterBlast ] Dose/Level

Notes: Translations: Slide Rule RL, GIVING AN ASSESSMENT OF THE RADIATION ENVIRONMENTS DURING GROUND EXPLOSIONS, For Official Use, Ex. No. D10342; Instruction booklet in Russian: Order of the Red Banner of Labor, Military Publishing House, Defense Ministries CCCP, Moscow – 1970; green plastic carrying case; gift from Brian Eddy (thanks!)


Date Acquired: 05/20/2023