4.10 Nestler, Germany

Another German maker of fine slide rules, Albert Nestler AG was founded in 1878 and lasted 100 years in the slide rule business. According to the Oughtred Society Albert Einstein favored the Nestler in his work, particularly the No. 23R.

Nestler No. 1a

Nestler No. 1a (back)

Nestler No. 23R

Nestler No. 23R (back)

Nestler No. 24, 50 cm

Nestler Pocket Mannheim , 10 cm, c. 1925

Total number of Albert Nestler slide rules in the collection: 4. \(~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\)

Model Year Serial Typ Mat Size Case Note
1920 L wd 10 yes rule in very nice condition; case: No 1a Albert Nestler AG; back: SLIDE RULE DATA SLIPS, compiled by C.N. Pickworth, Wh.Sc.; no Nestler name on rule itself; no scale on sides of rule; interesting curiosity
41 Pocket
1925 L wd 4 yes small 4 inch rule; marked Germany on inside of stock and on leather case; similar items elsewhere marked Nestler
1930 L wd 10 yes rule in very nice condition; lid to case is missing
1930 L wd 20 yes rule in very nice condition; original wooden box with felt liner and Nestler logo inside