4.4 Dietzgen, USA

Chicago-based Dietzgen, founded in 1885, made slide rules from component parts bought from other organizations (original equipment manufacturers, OEMs), often from Faber-Castell, and sold their final products in the American market. Still in business today, Dietzgen ceased making slide rules in about 1972, but was creating fine instruments in competition with K&E and Post/Hemmi at the time.

Dietzgen 1761-AL.

Dietzgen 1767.

Dietzgen 1734.

Total number of Dietzgen slide rules in the collection: 13.

Model Year Serial Typ Mat Size Case Note
1904 L wd 10 no Multiplex rule, Br-B’’ scale; E (K) scale on lower edge; chiseled metal cursor; no serial no.; Mack adjustment; 1898,1904 patents; Equiv. labeling on back mostly missing
1905 682A L wd 10 yes Multiplex rule, Br-B’’ scale; E (K) scale on lower edge; chiseled metal cursor; Mack adjustment; 1904 patent; owner Oscar Sorensen, Sacred Heart, Minn., Canby Minn., Box 82
1761-AL 1910-1912 8709A L wd 8 yes Multiplex rule, Br-B’’ scale; owner Charles A. Kroft, 5-30-27, Chassis Engineering, Studebaker Corp., So. Bend, Indiana
1759 1914-1915 L wd 10 no R scale (reciprocal B); E (K) scale on bottom edge, etched metal cursor
1940 L wd 10 yes Mannheim; cursor in fragile condition; case is for 1745 LM (magnifier)
1952 542899 L wd 10 yes Maniphase Multiplex Decimal Trig Type Log Log; worn case; rule in good shape; 87 stamped on end of stock; owned by Reitz
1952 548230 L wd 10 yes + box Maniphase Multiplex Decimal Trig Type Log Log; rule in very good condition
1739-L 1954 L pl 10 no Decimal Trig Log Log; no case, but good condition; made in Germany; clear-scale
1963 36353 L pl 10 yes Microglide Decimal Trig Log Log; decimal trig type log log; nice condition; conversion table
1965 L pl 10 yes National; Made in U.S.A.; torn case; conversion table
N1725 1967 77961 L wd 10 yes Microglide Vector Type Log Log; leather case; owner George Locke
1771 1970-1972 L pl 5 yes Redirule
1776 1972 L pl 5 yes + box Redirule Pocket Duplex; box, instructions, leather case