4.5 Faber, Faber-Castell, Germany

The German manufacturer A.W. Faber, who began as a pencil factory in 1761 (and is still making pencils!), began making slide rules in 1892. Their name changed to Faber-Castell in 1905. The company had a long and successful history of producing very high-quality slide rules. By the end of the slide rule era, Faber-Castell was making very complex color coordinated scales of exceptional craftsmanship. Their model 2/83N is thought by many to be one of the finest slide rules ever made by any manufacturer.

Faber 365, c. 1898.

Faber 367, c. 1900.

Faber-Castell 1/87m, 1947.

Faber-Castell 2/82, 1957.

Faber-Castell 1/54, 1960.

Faber-Castell 2/83N, 1970.

Faber-Castell 62/83, c. 1973.

Total number of A.W. Faber and Faber-Castell slide rules in the collection: 13. \(~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\)

Maker Model Year Typ Mat Size Case Note
Faber 365 1898-1900 L wd 10 box box, rule both in pristene condition; almost like new; rule: 1888-1900, but box says 1900; D.R.G.M. 98350; indentation rhs only; wooden measuring scales
Faber 367 1899-1902 L wd 10 box digit-registering curser, cracked glass; box has 1900 reference
Faber 350 1903 L wd 10 yes Early all-wooden Faber 350; gold logo; script M gauge mark; 1904 instructions (tattered)
Faber-Castell 363 1921 L wd 10 box instructions and original box; DRP 206428; square cursor; 1 stamped on rear
Faber-Castell 379 1923 L wd 5 box Electro rule; nice condition; pearwood; Made in Bavaria and date marks 3 and 12 on back; V and Eff scales in well; W gauge on C
Faber-Castell 387 1935 L wd 10 box 3 hairlines; nice rule; date marks 35 and 6 on back; french table on back; importe’ d’Allemagne on inside of stock
Faber-Castell 1/87m 1947 L wd 10 box 3 hairlines; nice rule; date mark 47 on back
Faber-Castell 67/54R 1953-1956 L wd 5 yes Addiator; Hatfield Electric Co. on case
Faber-Castell 2/82 1957 L pl 10 yes date marks 57 and 1; 7-hairline cursor; cm and in scales; D.B.P. Nr. 873 455
Faber-Castell 1/54 1960 L wd 10 case 3-sided 7-hairline cursor; very nice rule; date mark 860 on back
Faber-Castell 2/83N 1970 L pl 10 yes famous rule; french instructions; 9 hairlines: q,d,360,kW,PS; date mark 5 70 on end; well used, but well cared for
Faber-Castell 52/82 1972 L pl 10 yes Made in Germany; D-Stab; nice condition, with instructions; date stamp 1272 on end
Faber-Castell 62/83 1972 L pl 5 no very nice condition; 9-hairline cursor; date mark 11 72 on end