9 Vignettes

The series of short vignettes presented here include stories on the use of certain slide rules and scales, on certain sub-groupings of the Collection’s contents, and on the adventure of collecting. The stories can be read in book form by pressing the -> and <- arrow keys, but to skip directly to a particular vignette click on a link below or in the sidebar.

The vignettes are organized with new slide rule enthusiasts in mind, and so are not necessarily presented in the order in which they were written. But if you haven’t visited the site for a while, here are the latest entries:

Latest Vignettes: Vector/Hyperbolic Calculations, Stadia Rules, Helical Slide Rules, The Early American Favorite, Power Rules.

Slide Rule Vignettes
1 A Favorite Rule 2 Rules to the Moon 3 The Original 4083
4 K&E Beginner’s Rules 5 Rules of Engravement 6 The Early American Favorite
7 Power Rules 8 Fermi’s Golden (Slide) Rule 9 Rule Change 4092-3
10 Stadia Rules 11 An Early Home-Made Spring Calculation Slide Rule 12 The Long and Short of It
13 A Boykin Discovery 14 A K&E Rule of Mystery 15 Lt. Shaw’s 4097D
16 Helical Slide Rules 17 Getting to the Root 18 British Thornton Special Scales
19 Vector/Hyperbolic Calculations 20 Hemmi 153 Scales
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