4 The Slide Rule Collection

The sections of this chapter tabulate all of the slide rules in the present collection, organized by slide rule makers and ordered by the presumed manufacturing dates. Chapter sections are in alphabetical order of the major manufacturers where three or more rules have been collected. However, the Other Rules section contains roughly 12% of the total number of slide rules, including many of the more significant items.

A few images of representative rules are given at the beginning of each section. Model numbers in the tables are linked to an image of the slide rule, typically of its front face. More complete sets of images will become available when time allows. For those who would rather just “look at the pictures,” a complete set is provided in The Collection in Photos.

Slide Rule Makers
Acu-Rule, Aristo, Charvoz-Roos, Concise, Dietzgen, Engineering Instruments, Faber, Festus, Gilson, Hemmi, K&E, Lawrence, Nestler, Pickett, Relay-Ricoh, Richardson, Sterling, Thornton
Others, Unidentified

Top to Bottom: Slide rules with major scales of length 20 (Nestler), 16 (K&E), 11 (Davies), 10 (Pickett), 8 (K&E), 5 (Faber-Castell), and 4 (Hemmi) inches. And a circular Gilson Binary slide rule to round things out.